Are Patients with Recalled Hip Implants in Danger?

There are thousands of younger and active patients have been implanted with a Metal-on-Metal (MoM) hip implant because it was believe to have a better fit with these younger demographics, health reports say. There were news of several medical device maker that recalled this specific design such as the DePuy ASR XL Acetabular System, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but there are several possible reasons for such decision. Many patients have blamed the all-metal design of these prostheses as the cause of their health problems. The high failure rate of these prostheses were also noted by several international joint registries and some countries have opted to ban the market of these medical devices.


The MoM hip implants were found to be more durable than the polyethylene and ceramic hip implants; hence, they were preferred by younger and active patients. For some, the all-metal hip devices were found to work well and were able to give patients many years of having a trouble-free hip. However, this was not the case for all patients. Others had the misfortune of experiencing severe pain after having the implant for only a few years. Risks are inherent to any kind of implants but the MoM device have unique risks.

Metal particles are being released as the hip device is used and may deposit in the surrounding tissues and the bloodstream. Various health problems were experienced by those who have metal sensitivity. It may lead to other problems because the metal particles may cause a adverse local tissue reaction (ALTR). The risk of developing metallosis is also health concern that most individuals with MoM hip implants face.

About 5,000 reports have been received by the FDA in connection with the problems experienced by men and women with this type of hip implant, according to the article from the New York Times, this data was taken the middle of 2011 and many more has been added since then. As this type of prosthesis was only reintroduced a few decades ago, the long-term effects of this medical device are still unclear. It is more dangers because the aftereffects are not yet determined. Continuous research is being done by experts, various institutions and joint registries. Those who are interested to find out more about the recalled hip implants may visit theĀ DePuy Hip Recall site to get more information.

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